Plan to be Flexible: Book Review

To prepare for full-time homeschooling in the upcoming school year, I have been devouring homeschool books. A quick search on my library web site revealed pages and pages of books on homeschooling. How I wished I had someone to tell me which ones I should read and which ones I should bypass! Since I have been reading so many, I would love to share some book reviews to help moms like me sort through the masses of resources available.

Plan to be Flexible: Designing a Homeschool Rhythm and Curriculum that Works for Your Family by Alicia Michelle was the first book I finished. Plan to be Flexible is a pleasantly short book that introduces some tips to set yourself up for a year of homeschool success. The author covers goal-setting and evaluation, organizing your curriculum and schedule for the year, as well as offering encouragement and tips for flexibility in schedule and subject matter.


What I loved:

  • The book was short enough to read quickly.
  • There were a number of meaningful anecdotes which contributed to my interest level and my confidence in the experience of the author.
  • Though the author supports strong academics, she also emphasizes the need to contribute to the emotional and spiritual growth of our children.
  • The chapter on an end of the year evaluation date with each of the children is well worth reading. I plan to do this with my children every year as well.

What I didn’t love:

  • Like many self-published books, there are a number of errors that made their way through the editing process. Personally, I find it very frustrating when I find spelling or grammatical errors in books (I may be a bit of a Type A, perfectionistic, control freak sometimes!).
  • I also found the spacing and layout a bit distracting. The book could’ve been quite a few pages shorter if it was laid out more traditionally.
  • Even though I will be homeschooling my own children full time for the first time this fall, I have been blessed with the opportunity to homeschool another family for a number of years. Because of my experience, I didn’t find the curriculum and scheduling chapters to be very helpful. But, those chapters could definitely be helpful to someone just starting out.

Extra information:

  • The author bio on the back states that Alicia Michelle blogs about homeschooling at That link is active and there are homeschooling posts from August 2016 and older but the focus of the blog has shifted to marriage, personal development and healthy living.

If you are just starting out and are interested in reading this book, I would suggest checking it out from your library. If it is not available through your library service, it is available on Amazon.

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