Bulletproof Experiment Diary: Week One


One week ago, I introduced you to an experiment. Yes, the crazy experiment. If you know how much I love coffee, you know this is a big deal! In the interests of reclaiming my energy and eliminating digestive issues, I decided to try drinking only one cup of bulletproof coffee every morning and making sure to drink at least 8 glasses of water throughout the day. Here is my diary for the week…

Day 1: What an awful day! By mid-morning I had a headache. I had no emotional control and kept crying (Poor children!). Homeschooling got abandoned for the day. By 12:30, I was no longer functional. When my husband came home for lunch, I wandered off to the couch and fell asleep. Hopefully this was just a fluke. It is February. Maybe these long winter days are just getting to me.

Day 2: This day was not quite as bad. I was still wishing for a second cup of coffee to go with my breakfast and all this extra water I am drinking is not helping me stay away from the bathroom but I am emotionally in control. Still having brain fog but at least I didn’t hit an afternoon crash until 1:30!

Day 3: I am still way too emotional and I want my second cup of coffee! Today I went for a walk around the time I’ve normally been crashing. Today I didn’t crash until 4pm! Also, no digestive issues today. This is a big deal!

Day 4: Maybe I can do this! I still really want that second cup of coffee but I was relatively happy all day and even though I was tired all day, I didn’t crash!

Day 5: Perhaps it was a fluke that I felt so good the last couple of days. Nearly as soon as I woke up, I was having digestive issues again and huge coffee cravings throughout the day. It may have something to do with it being Sunday though. I’m normally more anxious on Sundays than any other days. No energy crash today though!

Day 6: I finished my 8 cups of water by 2:30 this afternoon and have been crazy thirsty all day. What’s up with that?!

Day 7: I hate having to pee so much! Who drinks this much water (I drank more like 12 glasses of water today)? Anyways, no major energy crash today, though I continued to have digestive issues.


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