Bulletproof Experiment Diary: Week 2


The last couple weeks I’ve been embarking on a journey to reclaim my energy and digestive health. My first experiment has been to drink one cup of bulletproof coffee in the morning and then just water for the rest of the day. You can see my original post here and my diary from my first week here.

This last week has not been the best. I have not always kept to the rules of the experiment and I have also not felt so great.

Day 8: So…today I went to the city. It was -28 C and a windchill on top of that. I totally caved and bought myself a nice, hot drink of magic…I mean, Starbucks. That was around 12:30. Surprise, surprise! I ended up with a massive energy crash around 4:45. Connection, perhaps?

Day 9: Today I am back to following the rules, though I think I fell a bit short on the water requirements for the day. I had digestive issues again, headaches, and a major energy crash right around noon and had to take a nap. Ugh! Hopefully the next two challenges are more beneficial.

Day 10: My bulletproof coffee tastes great but I’m not convinced it’s helping. I did manage to get through a trip to the city without buying Starbucks, though! Willpower success!

Day 11: I did not feel well today. I felt way too queasy today with no apparent cause. I’ll be so glad when this month is over!

Day 12: Today I experienced basically everything I’m hoping to fix. I only drank about six cups of water because I was annoyed that I had to keep going to the bathroom (Hello, Sunday anxiety!) and I also had one sip of coffee with some dessert last night. The afternoon crash can probably be attributed to staying up until 12:15 finishing a book.

Day 13: Sigh. Throbbing headache. At least I was too busy to have time for an energy crash. Is this month over yet?

Day 14: Today has not been so great. I’ve had a terrible sinus cold with a throbbing headache. I keep needing naps. I did have just one cup of coffee and I have been drinking water but today is really not the day to decide if this experiment is working!

What are some of your energy hacks?


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