Bulletproof Experiment: Week 3


Some things I know:

Bulletproof coffee tastes awesome! Bulletproof coffee is soothing. Bulletproof coffee helps kickstart my metabolism.

One thing I also know:

The only consistent improvement I have experienced from this experiment is that I no longer get a four hour after a cup of coffee energy crash. Bulletproof coffee is not the solution to my energy and digestive problems. Today will mark the end of Bulletproof as an experiment.

I will not bore you with my repetitive day-by-day diary from the last week. The last week was rough. For two days straight, I could not function for more than about half an hour without feeling like I needed a nap. My brain fog was not a gentle prairie fog. It was a thick British countryside fog. My emotions were all over the place. I finally got to the point where I visited the doctor and had her order blood tests. The solution definitely requires more than cutting down my coffee consumption or using better ingredients.

While I wait for answers, I will continue to fight through the tired, live life, love my family, dream, and hope.

What’s next? Who knows! My next two experiments have had to be tabled for now.



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